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About Talent-Tuner Team


Talent-Tuner is product of Professional Knowledge and Training Center (PKTC). PKTC Pvt Ltd. is a Etawah based Business & Technical Architecture Consulting, IT product,Services and Educational Training company. Headquartered in Etawah, U.P.; the company is privately held with a strong partnering relationship of a unique lobby of experts from various walks of life like Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, Business Analysts, Hr & Corporate Development having a combined experience of over 40 years. PKTC’s business model is cognizant of the issues that its clients face in the rapidly changing technology business world. By incorporating skill-sets & best practices from Business Consulting and IT Services; PKTC’s business model aligns itself to be ready for the next generation business realities. In Today’s market, efficient use of technology & resources is rapidly becoming THE DIFFERENTIATOR for a company’s failure or success. PKTC keeps itself future ready by being focused on Emerging/Eminent Technologies. This qualifies PKTC to enjoy two equally necessary leverages. First one is to become pioneers in a field that enjoys ever-increasing influence on the way businesses will be run in the future. Second is providing its employees the perfect environment to involve themselves with varying business domains and fast-track their careers by working with cutting edge technologies and stimulating products. PKTC extends a comprehensive offering of Technical & Business Architecture which is progressive in nature and address the core needs of the value chain for the clients. PKTC is currently engaged with clients from domains like Market Research, Transport, Smartcard and Biometrics amongst others. Key Benefits of partnering with us Actualizing complex product-maps & product management Client gratification & timelines adherence Repository of best-in-class resource pool with diverse skill sets A client focused company in the truest form of word.