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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Model?

A ‘Model’ is an assessment environment on site for a test of a particular examination conducted by government or public/private bodies. A ‘Model’ provides simulated assessment tests and analysis of your performance in tests. This helps to monitor progress of preparation for that particular examination. A ‘Model’ doesn’t guarantee or do not ensure any kind of success or performance in real examination. ‘Model’ is tool to help and assess your own preparation and progress.

What is inside a ‘Model’?

A ‘Model’ mainly provides followings:
a. Set of assessments tests of multiple levels.
b. Full examination simulators
c. Quick review test
d. Section wise tests
e. Helpful tips, notes & quick revision notes.
f. Analysis and progress reports
g. My account facilities with many other facilities

Why is subscription required? provides paid facilities for using ‘Models’. For avail paid facilities subscription is required.

Do I need to register first to subscribe a model?

Yes, since my account facility needs to provide to access Model.

How does a Talent Tuner subscription work?

It’s a simple following four steps process:
a. Register yourself with and then signin.
b. Go subscription and select your Model/Models
c. Provide couple of information regarding payment.
d. team will contact you for making payment and activate your model.

Can I subscribe more than on models at a time?

Yes, you can subscribe as many as models you want. We recommend to subscribe not more than 3 models at a time for its best utilizations.

Is Model subscription automatically renewed?

For a now it’s not renewed automatically. On or before expiring team will contact you for renewing subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you need to send a mail or need to call at contact number to cancel subscription. team will cancel the subscription from next month onwards and return reaming amount. If it is the last week of current month then amount equivalent for one week be deducted (1/4 of monthly subscription amount).

What I need to do if I am not able to understand how to use Model? team always pleased to help you, there are following ways to get quick help from team:
a. Connect via ‘Live Chat’ which is available at website top menu.
b. Call on phone numbers given in contact us.
c. Send mail at given email id in contact us page.
d. Visit our office for 2 hours free face to face training on ‘How to use Model’.

Do you have more Question?
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