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What is Java?

Java was conceived by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank, and Mike Sheridan at Sun Microsystems in 1991. It took 18 months to develop the first working version. This Language as initially called ‘Oak’ but was renamed ‘Java’ in 1995. Between the initial implementation of Oak in the fall of 1992 and the public announcement of Java in the spring of 1995, many more people contributed to the design and evolution of the Language. Bill Joy, Arthur van Hoff, Jonathan Payne, Frank Yellin and Tim Lindholm were key contributors to the maturing of the original prototype.

The primary motivation behind Java was the need for a platform-independent (i.e. Architectural Neutral) language that could be used to create software to be embedded in various consumer electronic devices, such as Microwave Ovens and Remote Controls. As we know multiple different types of CPU are used as Controller. So the problem with earlier programming languages (like C and C++) was that they were designed to be compiled for a specific environment. Alike these languages, Java was the very first Portable, Platform-independent language that can be used to produce code that would run on a variety of CPUs under differing environments.

In its early age, Java was primarily used for creating Rich Desktop Applications. But with the introduction of WWW, Java future was changed. Now-a-days, Java is used to develop Enterprise Web Applications.

The good thing about Java is - it derives most of its syntax from C and C++. Reason behind that is – Java Designers knew that using familiar syntax of C and echoing the Object-Oriented features of C++ would make their language appealing to the legions of experienced C/C++ programmers. This is a very beautiful thing about Java because most of programmers gain working knowledge of C/C++ in their early career and this help them to learn Java effectively.

In addition to that, because Java is an appealing language in Software Industry and used by a large portion of Professional Programmers. This makes Java a Professional Programming Language, not a Programming Language with Training Wheels.

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